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 We're talkin' about PRACTICE?!

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We're talkin' about PRACTICE?! Empty
PostSubject: We're talkin' about PRACTICE?!   We're talkin' about PRACTICE?! EmptyThu 25 Nov 2010, 4:29 pm

If Jtime is the owner and Kingofkings is a GM, I'll take the roll of captain (haha). Consider this a players' only meeting of sorts.
I think we are beginning to turn the corner and get out of our slump. Thankfully we have had more guys online and a more consistent group. I think we need to make an effort at getting one practice in each night or atleast a couple times a week to keep us all on the same page (EA server permitting). The following are some quick points of emphasis that we ALL need to be better at:

1- BREAKOUT: making sure not to vacate the zone early; weave in neutral zone to create defensive confustion; forwards creating early outlets for defense whether it is in the zone or as we enter the neutral zone thereby allowing our defense to make quicker passes to the forwards to create a rush.

2- FORECHECK: our strongest asset (PIN, PIN, PIN...PIN) slow down their breakout while the other forwards support with a poke check and the other plays the opposite passing lane

3- OFFENSIVE ZONE: work the puck behind the net; if their defense cheats and sends 5 guys low, work it back to the point, if not, work the triangle and work to the net; Our biggest problem in my opinion-DO NOT force the cross crease, create an opportunity for a strong shot, if there isn't a clean passing lane SHOOT.

4- DEFENSIVE ZONE: play your own position; the biggest problems come when one player vacates his position causing everyone else to compensate and cause a clusterf@#k. Left wing should be playing the right d-man tight to the point and should never cross the center of the ice or drop below the face off circle(obviously the reverse is the case for right wing); Center is roaming the high slot and supporting the d-men in the corners and around the net as needed; d-men are focused on the the front of the net and working their corner as the other d-man supports the front of the net.

5- COMMUNICATION: we all have mics, use them; communicate where you are going to be, if you are gonna dump the puck, call it out before you do it so we can maintain speed into the zone and have an effective forecheck; If you are open at the point or behind the net or where ever you are, call it out. Many of our turnovers are because we are passing it to where we think a teammate is because we aren't calling out the open man. Keep in mind that not everyone uses the full ice camera so don't assume everyone has full view.

We choose to play a realistic style of play which makes things more difficult at times. We aren't cheezing our way to victory. The good and bad of it is that if we play realistically and all of us our responsible, we can beat ANY team. Unfortunately, if we all don't, we will lose to most teams.

In closing, I honestly believe that talent wise our current group of guys is a top 150 team with any combination of forwards and d-men that we have. I don't want to lose anybody due to frustration with losing or how we are losing or whatever BS EA throws our way in patches and server crap. Hope to see you all online soon!
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We're talkin' about PRACTICE?!
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